Friday, July 22, 2011

THANK YOU ERNST PRINTING! More Adventures in Wood Type

Our wood type acquisition has progressed nicely, but we wanted to update the public and highlight one particular contributor: Ernst Printing. Ernst Printing is located in Buffalo, and it is currently run by Dick Ernst; the shop has been open close to 40 years. We acquired our Vandercook 219 from Ernst, and when we went looking for wood type, Dick was nice enough to oblige. In total, we obtained 22 drawers of type from Ernst, varying in size from 72-line to 6-line, split about 50/50 between gothics and romans.

Dick is a union printer, and he takes in very few jobs now - mostly raffle tickets and other numbered forms. His shop has two Kluges, a Heidelberg, a couple offset presses, a gas-powered Ludlow machine, and a huge paper shear. Walking into the shop gives you a great feeling; it's very open, things are neat and clean, and Dick is welcoming and friendly. We are really happy we had this opportunity to engage with him again, and to continue the legacy of Ernst Printing through WNYBAC!

Check below for pictures of the shop and some of the wood type.

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