Sunday, June 22, 2008

WNYBAC in the Matrix

The Western NY Book Arts Collaborative portfolio of prints: WNYBAC-1 has received the honor of being reviewed by the British fine press "journal for printers and bibliophiles": The Matrix #27. This all letterpress annual is focal point of contemporary letterpress and fine printing and typography. The review includes a tip-in from one of the WNYBAC prints and states:

The twenty-one contributions to the first publication of the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative, although boxed in the same style & format as Verse into Type, make an interesting contrast. This is certainly a lively group, no holds barred (the first contribution comes in a slightly retro-looking Agfachrome slide mount), and letterpress is definitely an optional extra. Colour abounds, one uses the third dimension, and while the purists may be startled, there's certainly plenty going on within the confines of the format. Richard Kegler, founder of the P22 type foundry in Buffalo, NY bravely offered to reset and reprint his eye-catching contribution for Matrix. Quite how it all locked up and imposed is known only to the printer, but it epitomises WNYBAC's delight in breaking the rules... Such collaborations are a revealing way of seeing how different printers approach a common task...