Saturday, November 19, 2011

Enterprise Charter School Students Visit WNYBAC

On November 15th and 18th, sixth grade Social Studies students from Enterprise Charter School visited WNYBAC to learn about the history of letterpress printing and to create their own prints.

The students were guided through a brief tour of our gallery and museum before they were introduced to the printing studio. Studio Director, Chris Fritton, and Executive Director, Rich Kegler, led an interesting discussion based on the history of letterpress printing and the types of prints we make here at WNYBAC.

Before the students created their own prints, Chris and Rich explained the necessary steps to put together a form, basic press operations, and safety guidelines. Each student successfully completed a two-color print of the Ken Burns quote: “History isn’t really about the past…It’s about defining the present and who we are.”

WNYBAC looks forward to future fieldtrips with the lively and respectful students of Enterprise Charter School!