Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just Buffalo moves to the WNY Book Arts Center

Just Buffalo Literary Center (JBLC) has announced the move into the 2nd floor of the WNY Book Arts Center. Artistic Director Michael Kelleher spoke with Joyce Kyzak on NPR station WBFO about the move. JBLC will now have dedicated space to offer workshops, readings, performances and meetings. JBLC has been lacking dedicated space but now will be working more closely with the WNY Book Arst Collaboratiev on joint programming and complimentary events on all aspects of the art of the "book". The joint efforts of WNYBAC & JBLC in one (previously blighted) location will act as a beacon for further downtown quality of life improvement.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stencile on Main Street

WNYBAC secured permission from the owners of 477 Main St in downtown Buffalo to transform their in-progress construction site storefront into a hybrid sanctioned graffiti canvas and signage pointing people towards the WNY Book Arts Center around the corner at Mohawk & Washington St.
We started with a blank press board fa├žade and then added a layer of newsprint and laser printed pieces that were joined up in rough approximation with wheat paste cooked up in our state of the art printshop/kitchen. We added some ceremonial chinese papers but left ample space for artists to add their own work. We encouraged stencil and wheat pasting artists to showcase their work in this highly visible forum. After a couple weeks only one addition (and some fading from the elements) appeared...a brilliant Tromp l'oeil of an apparent 5 year old expressing his opinion of formalized education. This addition has been already damaged and we hope the anonymous artists will be able to restore it to the state you see below. We invite an encourage other artist to add to our mural (disclaimer...we do not sanction any graffiti on buildings or otherwise, if you do it, you are on your own)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Infringement at the Book Arts Center

The Western NY Book Arts Center will be one of the host sites for the Buffalo Infringement Festival

The show will run July 23 until August 2 2009

The Opening reception at WNYBAC will be Saturday July 25 from 6-9pm
At WNYBAC - 468 Washington St.

Included in the exhibition will be visual artists:
- Laurie Tanner
- Creative Edge Art Studio
- Tom Van Deusen
- Salvatore Scianda
- Madeleine Cutrona
- Victoria Sieminer
- John Kindelan
- Amanda Maciuba
- Jessica Rauche
with live music at the opening by:
- Pat O'Keefe
- Noah Gokey
- Amanda Nuguery

Please RSVP if you are on facebook:

We hope you will visit this exhibition and other infringement events around town.