Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WNYBAC at Explore and More

WNYBAC was invited to participate in a workshop at Explore and More in East Aurora - and the results were fantastic! Explore and More is an educational learning oasis where young children and their parents can go, and for a nominal fee, have access to all sorts of amazing and engaging toys. The focus is on hands on learning, and the children get to experience international culture, science, art, and architecture all under one roof.

Occasionally Explore and More works around a theme, and the theme for the day was Snakes - accordingly, we brought along all the materials to show the kids how to make origami "snake books," which are an easy-to-make type of accordion-folded book.

In a single day, Explore and More had over 450 visitors, and in total, we made somewhere between 100-200 snake books! Check out what explore and more has to offer, and check out the photos to see two examples of great student work - one, a six foot long snake book with a head, and another snake book converted into a mammal with the addition of arms and legs.

Big thanks to all who lended a hand Jeanette, Erin, and especially Holly, who was already proficient at origami, and showed us how to make some great paper ornaments!

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