Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MIMB and Pop-Up Poster Show!

The next two weeks are a great time to stop by the WNYBAC gallery! In addition to the Monumental Ideas in Miniature Book show that we have up, we've also added an impromptu poster and print show. The shows perfectly contrast one another: MIMB focuses on the 3-dimensional aspect of the book as an object and glorifies the diminutive, whereas the poster show heralds the (almost) 2-dimensional art of the print, and focuses more on large scale works.

Stop down and take a look at the creative output of book artists who have contributed to MIMB, and pick up one of the prints that are on sale in the poster show! Most of the prints were designed, executed, and printed by in-house printers Richard Kegler and Chris Fritton. Remember, some of these prints are available online at our Etsy shop, but many aren't, especially the monoprints, make ready, and art prints, so it's worth a visit!

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