Thursday, January 21, 2010

Introducing Mohawk Press

The WNYBAC Print studio (newly named "Mohawk Press") is now available for custom letterpress design/printing work.

WNYBAC has printed wood type for the Grammy award winning Woody Guthrie Live Wire CD package, and innovative designers looking to break out of digital confines as well as limited edition letterpress work for Just Buffalo's Big Night event series posters, Elmwood Festival of the Arts, Neglia Ballet and individuals looking for truly unique calling cards. WNYBAC's work is the subject of an exhibit at the Hamilton Woodtype Museum in Two Rivers Wisconsin (Feb 1- Mar 15)

If you have a special exhibit, concert, or other event that needs a one-of-a-kind visual commemoration/promotion in the form of a limited edition poster or broadside, this is the place to go. In the tradition of Nashville’s Hatch Show Print, Mohawk Press uses regional historical printing materials to produce timeless and contemporary limited edition prints.

Unlike traditional designer/client/printer relationships, you leave the most of the design decisions to our designer-printers after your initial consultation of what you would like. We do strive to create unique, tactile and memorable work from a finite selection of options. We have hundreds of metal and dozens of wood type fonts plus thousands of image cuts. Rates are quoted on a per job basis.

If you would like to print your own work, the criteria is relatively simple: A. become a member of WNYBAC, and B. Take an intro to letterpress workshop (plus log in a number of hours shadowing/assisting an in-house printer to establish a crash course apprenticeship). If you already possess sufficient knowledge and skills to work in a letterpress shop, then all you have to do is become a member and sign up for time. A nominal charge for press time is required but setup and prep time carries no fees.

Mohawk Press continues the mission of WNYBAC by promoting the arts of hand printing and the aesthetic of historical materials put into contemporary use. All proceeds go to support the mission and education programs of the WNY Book Arts Center.

For more information on custom letterpress work from Mohawk Press email

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