Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pop Up Buffalo Souvenir Shoppe -Call for Entries

Buffalo based Designer/Artists Patricia Schraven and Nick Bruscia have put out a call for entries for a pop-up storefront exhibition to be hosted at the WNY Book Arts Center.

Participants are asked to re-think the idea of the souvenir, and create NEW objects to be shown in a temporary POP-UP storefront in the City of Buffalo.   This is a chance to redefine and comment on the social and cultural atmosphere of our city.  Souvenirs for Buffalo will be a one-off exhibition in late June of 2009.  Objects must be produced in multiples. There is a $20 submission fee for any number of proposals up to 4. for submissions and more info, email forsalebuffalo (at)

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jupiterboy said...

So souvenir of what?