Thursday, March 05, 2009

What's in a name?

To help with some confusion that often comes up about WNYBAC, here is the basic outline:

The Western NY Book Arts Collaborative is the name of the non profit organization.

The Western NY Book Arts Center is the name of the building that houses the organization, its equipment and majority of activities.

Both use the WNYBAC abbreviation/anagram (Often pronounced Winney-back)

P22 is often seen as the same thing or an extension of WNYBAC (or vice-a-versa). It is not. P22 type foundry is the company founded by Richard Kegler & Carima El-Behairy who are also founding members of WNYBAC. P22 has been of tremendous assistance in setting up WNYBAC but despite overlapping focuses and interests in typography & printing, the two are completely separate entities.

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