Sunday, November 30, 2008

The card design that is a book in the book about card design

The first announcement piece for the WNY Book Arts Collaborative was a hand bound mini book/business card. As with many good ideas, the labor involved in making these as business cards made it difficult to mass produce. Only about 150 of these were made. The cover was hand set metal 8Pt. "Venus Expanded" on the discontinued line of Strathmore Americana paper (Shaker Straw color 80lb. cover). The inside was color laser printed with some P22 fonts that i can't recall the names of. They were then stitched together with silk thread. So what started as a calling card with just a website, turned into a little book.
This card/book was recently featured in the book Best of Business Card Design 8 (2008 Rockport Publishers).

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