Friday, April 14, 2006

Sleepy with Democracy Book Launch

Cuneiform Press is pleased to invite you to a book launch in celebration of Gregg Biglier's Sleepy with Democracy.
Saturday April 15th at Big Orbit (Sleepy time 8:00)
30D Essex Street
Buffalo, NY 14213-2332
(Free and open to the public)

Bill Berkson writes: “Stepping lightly into the appointed area –- with 'What common language to unravel?' that iconic question of moment blinking over the portals -- Gregg Biglieri shoulders the 'rival dictation' known as poetry to wonder us awake. Indeed, if what here is invoked as ‘Democracy’ is discussible -- and more to the point, livable -- there must be a whole new conversation to engage all available terms by which it might reanimate from present inertia. Biglieri's composite talk keeps all terms open, with alarming interlinear bounce and extravagance ever palpable. This is a full, heartening book.”

Produced in an edition of 500 copies, Sleepy with Democracy was set in Scotch and Dada Pro from P22. This books was written, designed, printed & bound in Western New York.


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