Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Buffalo Book Arts?

The goal of this blog is to act as a central gathering point for individuals and organizations who are involved in or interested in the book arts with specific geographic focus on Western New York. The reason for this specific focus on WNY is the rich heritage of printing and book arts in the area and the current lack of centralized information and resources. This blog will act as the companion site for the non profit entity: the Western New York Book Arts Collaborative and the eventual development of a community space known as the "Buffalo Printing and Book Arts Center" The wide breadth of "book arts" includes: private press, artists books, literary fine press, "bookworks" and other sub-genres of expression that use word and image or other interpretations of the many media that can be called a "book".

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Red Hacker Girl said...

This sound very exciting! I will be bookmarking this site.